Intramurals from home

Spring Intramurals!

Hello Boys and Girls!  If we were back at school spring intramurals would be underway.  Unfortunately, we are still at home.  Mr. Senatore, Ms. Corsey and myself are teaming up to bring you some activities.  Each week we will post a new game or activity for you to try at home with your family or on your own.  Click the links provided to see the activites!  Have fun!

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag

Fitness Scavenger Hunt

(Printable Scavenger Hunt Resource on bottom of this page)

Warm Up and Cool Down

A good warm up and cool down are an important part of any exercise routine.  Check out this youtube video for a dynamic stretching routine that can be done before and after workouts!

Fitness the Board Game

Fitness the Board Game Rules
Players 1-as many as you like!
Age: 7-100
Print out the Board game on the attached documents or create your own.
Choose any object for your game piece.
You will need 1 Dice.   If you do not have dice visit this website:
Be the first to get around the board!  Perform the exercise that you land on.

To make it back to start you must roll the exact amount of spaces to land on Start. (For example, If you are 2 spots away from Start you must roll a 2.  If you do not, you do not move that round and repeat the exercise you are currently on)
Video Demonstration of game:
My board was made using 26 Squares. Below are the squares I made:
(1)Start/Finish (2) 20 Jumping Jacks (3)Run in place for 30 seconds (4)10-20 push ups
(5) 20 lunges (6) 10 Burpees (7) High Knees for 30 seconds (8)Student Choice (9) 20 Squats (10) You've been a couch potato! Go back 3 spaces! (11) Heel kicks for 30 seconds (12) The player to your right gets to pick your exercise (13)10 frog jumps (14)Straddle stretch for 10 seconds (15) You've completed a marathon! Great Job! Move forward 2 spaces! (16) 20 second forearm plank (17) 20 jumping jack seals (18) 30 second wall sit (19) The person to your left gets to pick your exercise (20) 15 chair dips (21) 30 second high plank (22) 30 second mountain climber (23) You've been a couch potato! Go back 3 spaces! (24) 10 shoulder taps in a high plank position (25)30 second crab kicks (26) 10 second side stretch on both sides

7 Up Ball Game
Rules can be found at the bottom of this page.
Check this link out for an explanation of the game from Ms. Corsey.

Sock Shot Game