STEAM at Home

Try some of these STEAM activities at home!

Design a Futuristic Phone

Create a blueprint of a futuristic phone design. What can your phone do?

Create a Dance

Come up with dance moves to your favorite song. Record your dance.

Draw a Map of your Home

Label each room in your house. Measure the length and with of each room and add them to your map.

Read a Book

What was the problem in the story? Build something to help solve the problem.

Create a Game

Use recyclables to design your own game. Create rules for your game and teach your family how to play.

Build a Tower

Using index cards, construction paper, and tape, build the tallest tower you can!

Build a Catapult

Use popsicle sticks, a spoon, and rubber bands to design a catapult.  How far can your catapult launch an object?

Design an Amusement Park

Use paper, scissors, and tape to design a new amusement park.

Create an Obstacle Course

Plan out your obstacle course on paper.  Time how long it takes to complete your course.

Design a Pair of Glasses

Use materials you have at home to design a stylish pair of glasses.

Build a Fort

Use blankets, chairs, and other materials to build a fort.  When you finish, read a book inside of your fort.

Create a Musical Instrument

Use recyclables to design a musical instrument.  Test your instrument to see if it makes a sound.

Plan a Meal

Use newspaper ads or grocery store websites to plan a meal for your family.  Make a grocery list and figure out how much your meal will cost.

Design a Playground

Use paper, scissors, and tape to design a new playground.

Invent a New Toy

Use cardboard, tape, and other materials to design a new toy.

Design a Marble Run

Use paper plates, toilet paper rolls, scissors, and tape to design a marble run.

Become a Weather Forecaster

Record the weather each day this week.  Use your data to make predictions about next week's weather.

Create a Flower Pot

Use recyclable materials to design a flower pot.

Build Something With Blocks or Legos

When you finish, write out the steps that someone would need to follow in order to recreate your design.

Create a Birdhouse

Use recyclables and tape or glue to design and build a birdhouse.

Read a Book

Draw pictures to create the sequence of events in the story.

Build a Raft

Build a raft out of straws and tape.  Set your raft in a tub of water and see how much weight it can hold.

Design a Pair of Shoes

Use paper, scissors, and tape to design a new pair of shoes.

Build a House

Use cardboard, paper, scissors, and tape to build a house.  Can you design furniture for your house?

Upcycle a Plastic Bag

What can you make out of a plastic bag and other materials you have at home?

Make a Tower

Build a tower using plastic cups, cans, or other materials at home.  How tall is your tower?

Build a Paper Airplane

Test your airplane and measure how far it flies.

Design a Basketball Goal

Use materials you have at home to design and build a basketball goal.

Do an Experiment

Mix baking soda and vinegar together to see what happens (ask a grown-up first!).

Create a New Type of Technology

Design a blueprint for a new type of technology.  What does your technology do?

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