100 Book Challenge

100  Book Challenge Guidelines


      Bags containing 100 Book Challenge books will be sent home on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

      Please have your child read the books to you as best as he/she can.  You can help your child as well.

    The goal is for your child to read for 15 minutes per night.  The books that are sent home most likely will not take 15 minutes to read, so you may supplement with books at home.

Please record your child’s reading progress in this way:  For every 15 minutes your child reads, initial and date one block on the log sheet.  Log sheets are kept in the folder. 

    If you read to your child, this also counts as time spent reading and should be marked on the log sheet as well.

    When the log sheet is full, a new one will be placed in your child’s folder so your child can keep on reading !

     Please read the books the night you receive them and return them to school the following day.