Website Of the Week (W.O.W.)

Week 14:  "Queen of the Falls" is just one of the many books we have read by Chris Van Allsburg.  Visit his website HERE and find out what other books of his we have read.

Week 13:  This week, we read a book by one of my favorite authors: Oliver Jeffers.  Visit his website by clicking HERE.

Week 12:  One of my favorite places to visit each summer is the Philadelphia Zoo.  Check out their website by clicking HERE.

Week 11:  For fun, educational games, visit the Scholastic Website by clicking HERE.

Week 10:  One of my favorite authors is Roald Dahl.  As a kid, I loved reading Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and The Witches.  Visit his website to learn more about his life and works.  Click HERE.

Week 8:  Ever think about learning a new language?  Visit this website to learn  simple phrases in Spanish, French, German, or Italian.  Click HERE.

Week 7:  We are discussing mysteries this week.  Read some short mysteries for kids by clicking HERE.

Week 6:  Find out what's going on in the world by checking out Time for Kids.  Click HERE.

Week 5:  In honor of  the topic of our biography, Carl Sagan, learn more about space by visiting Nasa's website for kids by clicking HERE.

Week 4:  Thanksgiving is coming!  Learn about the very first Thanksgiving by clicking HERE.

Week 3:  One of my favorite authors of all-time is Beverly Cleary.  Visit her website by clicking HERE. 

Week 2:  Do you know who Lewis and Clark were?  If not, learn about the famous explorers by clicking HERE.

Week 1:  I love the season of Fall!  Visit the following website for a plethora of seasonal activities.  Click HERE.

***Any student who visits a W.O.W. and fills out a W.O.W. slip gets a prize from Miss B.'s prize box!***