Program Overview

Welcome to the Library!
All students will have library once a week.  All students in grades K-4 will be working on basic library skills as well as fostering a love of reading.  I look forward to sharing my favorite books, both old and new, with your children.
-Roles of the author/illustrator
-Parts of a book
-Story sequencing
-Making personal connections with the text
-Making predictions
-Author study: Mo Willems
First/Second Grade
-Parts of a book
-Organization of the library
-Fiction vs. Non-fiction
-Easy call numbers
-Fairy tales, folk tales, and fables
-Caldecott Award
-Author Study: Oliver Jeffers
Third/Fourth Grade
-Fiction vs. Non-fiction
-Fiction call numbers
-Genres (historical fiction, realistic fiction, fantasy, mystery, poetry, etc.)
-Informational resources (both print and Internet-based)
-Newbery Award