Miss Tofts


Ms. Tofts

Burke Math Interventionist

I am in my 22nd year of teaching.  My teaching career began in Person County, NC teaching Kindergarten.  After four years in Kindergarten, I had the pleasure to experience one year of second grade.  From there, I moved back home to NJ with my family in 2002 returning to Kindergarten for one year, then fourth grade for eight years.  I then spent four years in first grade.  In 2015 I found a home in BSI to help many levels of children with reading, writing and now math.  I am thankful to have the opportunity to help children at Burke this year, along with having a new Math Interventionist partner, Mr. Bilodeau, at Bellmawr Park to help my 3rd and 4th Graders at Burke during this transition time until construction is over.  We are building, believing, and achieving together to make the best of a difficult situation!