100 Book Challenge
Miss Miller's 100 Book Challenge Program

All K-2 classes at Burke School participate in the 100 Book Challenge reading incentive program.  Students are recognized at quarterly assemblies, and everyone works towards meeting a school-wide goal.  Our class will use a modified version of the program, that simplifies the book selection process.  Please become familiar with our class version of the program!

-Every Monday, your child will receive a pouch full of books.  This can be kept at home for the week, and returned the following Monday.

-In your child's HW packet will be a Reading Log to record each night's progress. Keep this at home for the week, as well.

-Each line on the Reading Log is 1 "step", which is equal to 15 minutes of reading time.

-Every night, read TOGETHER for 15-30 minutes, and write all of the titles you read in each line.  Remember - 15 minutes = 1 step, 30 minutes = 2 steps.  The goal is to complete 10 steps each week.

-You can feel free to add in books from your own home library. 

-On Monday, return the book pouch and log.  We will tally your child's steps, and send home a new log and pouch.

-Children are recognized for every 100 Steps they complete!