100 Book Challenge

100 Book Challenge
This program allows the students to be exposed to new information and vocabulary without becoming frustrated by the reading level. Students are experiencing reading that is at their independent reading level.
Completing 100 Book Challenge is part of your child's daily homework. Please make sure that your child is reading for atleast 15 minutes each night. Don't forget to log the steps in your child's 100 Book Challenge Log. You may keep your child's 100 Book Challenge bag at home throughout the week, but please return the bag each Friday so that new books can be provided. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
REMEMBER: 15 minutes = 1 step
Below are some great tips to follow when reading with your child!
1. Ask them to make predictions before they begin reading.
2. As they are reading, ask them what the story reminds them of. Get them to make connections.
3. Remind them to re-read if at any point they can't answer the question, "What did I just read?"
4. Encourage them to make inferences (what the author tells them combined with what they already know) as they read.
5. When they are finished, ask them to summarize orally what they read.
6. When they are finished, ask them if their predictions came true.