Curriculum Overview

This year we will be using the Everyday Math Series. We will be concentrating on the areas of single and multi-digit addition and subtraction, time and money.

Your child has their Everyday Math Home link book at home with them, this is where the majority of their Math homework will be located.

We will continue to utilize Rocket Math sheets to help with fact fluency. Your child will be bring home a paper with them each night. Please have them read the answers to your orally or have them practice writing it with a dry erase marker.

Fundations (Phonics)

We will be continuing to use the Fundations Program to help with phonics. Throughout the year we will be working with the concepts of: digraphs, blends, closed syllables, closed syllable exceptions, v-e syllables, open syllables to name a few. Please check the Fundations of our webpage for resources as the school year progresses.

We are starting a new ELA program called Benchmark Literacy. Students will participate in small and large group lessons, and literacy stations.