Class Supply List 2015-2016
Second Grade Supply List 2015-2016
Please bring the following items on the first day of school: 1 box of crayons (please no bigger than a 24 pack) 1 pencil case or pencil box 3 boxes of tissues 3 packages of baby wipes 5 black dry erase markers (fine points if possible) 2 wide glue sticks 1 pair of scissors 4 plastic folders with prongs (one in each of the following colors: red, yellow, blue, and green). 1 unopened package of lined writing paper 1 one and a half-inch 3 ring binders (in a solid color) 3 composition books (please try to have them in different designs or colors) 5 sharpened pencils 1 package of post-it notes (size 3 x 3 in a solid color only please)