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In your child's yellow folder there is a paper with information on each website your child will utilize for class assignments. You will also find their badge for clever in the event they are unable to log-in they can scan this badge on their device to access all their websites. Below you will find a guide of your child's daily assignments as well as links for each subject for their daily instructions. These assignments will also be listed daily on google classroom.  The students have worked with google classroom as well as Clever on a daily basis this school year.  All assignments can be completed by the students independently.  You can communicate with me through ClassDojo or Email with any questions about the assignments or any issues that may come up. 

Clever Website:

Please watch this new video from Mr. Jankowski!


This is a guide to help you while you are working at home. Everything you need is in Google Classroom, including the instructions and websites for each subject and assignment. Please use Clever to access websites! Your passwords are saved and should automatically open to your account. 

Please check the HOMEROOM Classroom EACH day for announcements and updates!

Week 4

Day 1

Monday, April 6th


- Please watch my weekly morning video located on my school webpage!

- We will be having a Google Meet at 10am!



“Listen to Reading”

  1. Please read “Slow and Steady” in
  2. Complete the quiz that follows!



  1. Answer the writing prompt for today. Located in the “Daily Writing Prompt” document.
  2. Open “writing day 4” and watch the video link.
    • Using the website provided, you will choose an animal for your informational writing topic. The directions are in the document.
  3. In the “Research notes” document please put the name of your animal you would like to write about and start to put facts in this document about the animal. I will go through and check you animal!


  1. iready (10min)
  2. Watch my video on today’s lesson!
  3. Complete the assignment 9.3 in Think Central.
    1. Please access the think central website through Clever.
    2. Click on “scheduled assignments”
    3. Choose todays assignment!

Science 15min  

     * Login to TCI through Clever *

Unit 3 Earth’s Changing Surfaces

Lesson 1- What are some clues that Earth’s surface changes?

  1. For today, just read over Section 1 (p. 188 and 189)

                 Focus on the vocabulary words.

Novel Study:

  1. Follow along in your book as I continue our reading!