Reader's Response / 100 Book Challenge
100 Book Challenge
Each day in class every student will read for at least 15 minutes. They will read a book that they choose from their "level". One step is equal to 15 minutes of reading time and will be recorded on their 100 Book Challenge reading log, which can be found in the back of their Reader's Response Writing Journal. Every night the children will bring home books, and Reader's Response Writing Journals, in their  plastic reading bags for them to read, and write a response to what they read. They are to record how long they read on their reading log (every 15 minutes is equal to one step on the log) and have someone at home sign their log.  
Reader's Response

Everyday your child will read in class for 15 minutes. At night for homework they are to write a response to what they read in class. Their response should be a well written  paragraph about what they read in class. Their response should start off with the title of the book, and what pages/chapters that they read, and if it is a fiction or a nonfiction book. They should then have 3 detailed sentences about what they read that day/night ( for example: what they found interesting, or learned). The response should end with a feeling sentence (for example: how they felt about what they read that day, or what they are looking forward to reading/learning). The response should be a total of at least 5 good, detailed sentences.