Children grow so much academically and developmentally in Kindergarten! They will learn a lot over the next year. In the beginning of the year, I will be working a lot with your child on letters, letter sounds, and concepts of print. By the middle of the year we will be learning to read books!

Ways to help your child at home:
1. Practice the alphabet (click FUNdations Alphabet page below)
2. Try to read with your child every night. While reading, talk about the book:
  • Go over the cover (look at the picture, explain what title, author, and illustrator mean)
  • discuss the pictures
  • Count the words on a page
  • go over the difference between a letter and a word
  • discuss what to do when you are done reading a page (turn the page)
  • talk about what happened in the story

***Once your child begins reading books in the classroom (middle of the year), I will be sending home a paper sight word book with a cut up sentence in a zip lock bag***

  • Let your child show you how they put the cut up sentence in order and then allow them to read the sentence and book to you! Children love to share their successes with their parents!
  • These books are for your child to keep. Let them make a little library in their room and enjoy reading the books over and over. Repetition is a great way to learn how to read!!