First Grade
In first grade your child may come home with a reading folder.  This folder will come home once a week. It is designed to be a positive reading experience with your child. The book has questions on the front and back covers to ask your child.  This will help make reading with your child enjoyable and educational. In this folder you will find the following:

  •  Parent letter
  •  List of titles (for my use only)
  •  Book with a post it

The book sent home will be on your child's "Independent" level.  This means, that your child should be able to read the book with minimal support. After your child is done reading the story they will either write a sentence or draw a picture about the book on the post it provided. 

Please have your child return their folder the next day.  The folder will be sent home the next week with a new book! Enjoy Reading!!

***Below you will find 11 sight word lists that are used in First Grade. Please practice these words with your child at home.  By the end of First Grade your child should know all of these words***